Setting up the Xenamo framework

Installing the cluster skeleton

Xenamo comes with a preconfigured skeleton which must be installed to the cluster. It is assumed that the cluster is mounted in /mnt/cluster. You need to perform the following steps to install a xenamo cluster skeleton:

cd /mnt
cvs -z3\
cvsroot/xenamo login
(press enter for empty password)
cvs -z3\
cvsroot/xenamo export -r HEAD -d cluster cluster-skeleton

You now have a directory structure like this

   / bin (Binaries for all xenamo instances, like argo-server)
   / config (DomU config files <domUName>.cfg)
   / images (Partition images, see readme.txt for naming convention)
   / templates (Partition templates, see readme.txt for naming convention)

Installing the Argo server

On every Xenamo instance you have to configure and start the argo server. Perform the following steps to do that:

(Check if the perl module Net::Server::PreFork is installed)
perl -MCPAN -e shell
-> install Net::Server::PreFork

(Link the perl module include path)
ln -s /mnt/cluster/xenamo/bin/argo/perl5/Xen/ /usr/share/perl5/Xen

(Link the argo-server init script)
ln -s /mnt/cluster/xenamo/bin/argo/init.d/argo-server /etc/init.d/argo-server

(Make startup links)
update-rc.d argo-server defaults 20 20